Why Should I Buy From You?

Why should I buy from you? This is a basic question that every business should be able to answer, but many can’t.  In today’s challenging economic times it is more critical than ever to have a clear, strong answer.  

If you have read my past blogs you will quickly realize that I like to give simple steps that anyone can put in place immediately.  So I challenge you to take this powerful information and use it.  Use it to get more customers, get a better job, improve your family, and to get more people in our stores, community, and schools.

1.     What is your Competitive Advantage?  What makes you different from the other guy?  Why should I pick you or buy from you?  Grab a piece of paper now and do the following:

  • List the good things and then the bad things about yourself or your business Why do people like to buy from you and/or why do they pick your competitor instead?  How do you find this out – ASK
  • List the good and then the bad things about your competition.  How do you find this out – ASK
  • Maximize your Competitive Advantage.  Capitalize on a competitor’s specific weakness. Build on your strengths.  Create a new strength by looking at yourself and your competitor then find a totally new difference you can create. 

2.     Develop your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).  Your USP is how you get your story out there and heard by the right people.  You may have established a huge competitive advantage but if no one hears about it then it is worthless

You have now created your “compelling message” in the fundamental marketing process:  MARKETING – MESSAGE – MEDIA.

If you have a significant competitive advantage and you get your USP out to the right people you will get that new job, or that new customer, or that new family.  If you need any more information or help contact Sensei Sam Larioza of Ohana Karate or the Fowlerville Business Association.  We are all here to do one thing – make Fowlerville an even better place to be!

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