Making Friends

What makes a good friend?  What attributes do you look for in a friend?  What attributes do you think a good friend has?  Make sure your child sees examples of good friendships in your own relationships.  Your child will see this and learn from your actions and your friendships you are their best role model.

Make sure that you speak to your child about how their actions, words, and overall behavior can make a person feel sad, happy, uncomfortable, etc.  Make sure your child knows how to be respectful and appreciative of others’ feelings.  Try and use examples from a child’s past that will help them understand this idea, which can be hard for children to grasp. 

Be careful that you don’t push your child to be friends with anyone just because they will be more or less popular.  Your child will have his or her own personality, and will choose friends that are supportive and positive towards him or her because of it.

Don’t forget to keep your children active.  The benefits of team sports is enormous.    It exposes your child to others with similar interests that will help expand their circle of friends.  It will help them learn how to develop and maintain friendships over distances and lengths of time. 

Be a good listener.  All friendships have their ups and downs.  As your child is developing, they may not know how to handle different situations.  As their parents, you can help your child deal with their emotions and encourage them to calm down before they approach their friends about their problems. 

Let your children know that sometimes friendships can be bad for you.  If you are a friend with someone that makes your child feel bad about himself or herself it may not be worth it to be that person’s friend.  Encourage your child to find friends that build them up, and give them the confidence to end a friendship with a person who may not be that good of a friend after all.

The staff at Ohana Karate believe that each child is special.  We work with our students in our children’s classes to help them build social skills such as listening, respect, and empathy towards others.  These are all skills that help students make and maintain friendships.  If you would like to read stories of some of the students we have helped please contact Sensei Sam Larioza today or read over a few of our testimonials.

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