Learning Tips for Boys and Girls


  • Girls need to be challenged!  If you see your daughter starting to coast, make sure you challenge her with advanced books or difficult math problems.
  •  Cultivate her interest in the sciencesGo the extra mile to intrigue your daughter.  Buy a microscope or a simple circuit set and work together to learn the secrets. 
  • Don’t stereotype your daughter!  Watch your daughter; learn what she is good at, and what she isn’t so good at.  Help her with her weaknesses, and build on her strengths. 
  • Show your daughter what education can do for her!  Let her know about women who have done, or are doing, interesting, amazing things.  Make sure your daughter knows that academic success is important to you and it should be important to her.


  • Following directions is one of the biggest parts of schooling!  Prepare your child for this responsibility by giving your son instructions when they are young.  A simple instruction such as “Please put your truck away”  will help your son prepare for following more complex directions as he gets older. 
  • Help your son find a quiet place!  There is a time and a place to be rambunctious; make sure your son has the opportunity to be both active and quiet so that he learns the difference and can switch modes when needed. 
  • Work with your son’s teachers!  Know his strengths and weaknesses. Make sure that any punishment for classroom behavior is suitable to a boys’ activity level.  Keeping a young boy who is full of energy from recess can compound the problem. 
  • Find hands-on activities that you can do with your son!  Your son will learn more from this type of activity and it will satisfy their need for action and movement. 
  • Break up homework if a longer session is too much!  Talk to your son in a way that will encourage good behavior rather than in a manner that shames him. 
  • Words are important, but so is the meaning!  If boys can enjoy the action in a story they are much more likely to remember the words.

 Use some of these tactics with your children today!

The staff at Ohana Karate have years of specialized experience teaching adults and children of all ages.  We recognize that differences exist between boys and girls and we strive to make sure that everyone is provided with an equal opportunity to learn.  We also utilize various teaching methods to suit all learning types and energy levels.  If you have any questions about how we can help your child, please contact Sensei Sam Larioza today.

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