A Thorough Orientation

Starting a new job can be one of the most stressful situations for both the employee and the employer.  Both parties are nervous about how the working relationship will develop, and they can both be overwhelmed with the pressing need for the employee to gain the knowledge necessary to complete their job and become a part of the team dynamic.  The best way for any employer to prepare for this situation is to develop a thorough orientation program.

A new employee gathers an enormous amount of information about what is expected of them, who they can rely on, the general work ethic of the business, etc. from the first few minutes to the first few days that they spend at their new job. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to start all of your employees off on the right foot.  Sit down and determine what you think is important for a new employee to know or learn.  Poll the individuals in your workplace and gather comments about what they wish they had learned during their orientation.  What are some tricks of the trade? 

Provide employees with a ‘new employee’ workbook.  This workbook should contain information about key policies, as well as provide information on general procedures, etc.  Don’t forget to cover items like harassment, vacation, sick leave, holidays, payroll procedures, overtime, dress code, standards of conduct, safety, emergency procedures, visitors, email, and internet use.  Show them their workstation; issue keys; discuss mail and shipping, telephone use and supply purchases.  Tour the facility, and include restrooms, mailrooms, copiers, faxes, parking, printers, supplies, kitchen, emergency exits, etc. on your tour.   Introduce them to the team, provide them with their schedule, a time card, and a full description of their job duties and performance expectations.

This all may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.  While you are going about your day, jot down a few notes about how you want things to be done.  If you see a behavior that you do not like, make sure you note it.  Use all of this information to benefit your business.  Your current employees will thank you and your future employees will be able to start off on the right step.  Your employees will be well trained and equipped with the knowledge to help make your business a success!

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