Promotions Mean More Than a Belt

A few times a year, Ohana Karate holds belt promotion ceremonies, which recognize the hard working karate students who have progressed.  At each of these events, hundreds of spectators, including parents, grandparents, family members, and friends, gather to celebrate the many accomplishments of these fine young people.  Accomplishments?  Plural?  Yes, absolutely. 

When the students of Ohana Karate are presented with new belts, it isn’t just because they have learned and developed their skills in kicking, punching, blocking and fighting.  They need to have developed these skills to have earned their belt, but there is much more to it than that.

Ohana Karate has a student creed that we use as a guideline for developing and working with each of our students.  We want everything that we do, say, and hear to reinforce the character traits we believe to be of utmost importance.  These character traits include: gratitude, justice, wisdom, courage, self-control, kindness, self-respect, a positive attitude, hard work, integrity, humility, and excellence.  Students exhibit these traits in their classroom performance, their interaction with their instructors, their interaction with their peers, and more importantly, in how they behave and conduct themselves outside of the classroom.  Sensei Sam Larioza and his instructors work closely with parents to make sure that the lessons that are taught in the dojo extend outward into the community.

Student focus and self-control are also clearly demonstrated in the precise manner in which students are taught to execute basic kicks and punches.   Through repetition of these forms or “kata”, students not only learn perseverance, but they also reinforce the fundamental skills necessary to achieve the next level in their martial arts training.  During their in-class evaluation, the students display their courage and self-confidence by performing these “katas” in front of a huge crowd.

If you or your child would like to be one of these beaming students with a new belt, contact Sensei Sam Larioza of Ohana Karate today.  We look forward to working with your family to make you part of our Ohana!

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